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Best PlayStation Games of All Time

Best PlayStation Games of All Time

Best games created exclusively for Sony’s legendary home console.

Final Fantasy

There are few fanbases as rabid as that of Final Fantasy. With fifteen installments in the regular series and over a dozen spin-offs, this is one of the most prolific and constant series in gaming canon. The first game debuted on the NES but developer Square Enix switched to PlayStation exclusivity in 1997 for the most celebrated entry in the series, Final Fantasy VII. Although almost all of the Final Fantasy games have been ported to at least one other gaming system in recent years, PlayStation has dominated in terms of availability upon release.

God of War

God of War‘s antihero Kratos is one pissed-off motherfucker. He has such incredible rage that he tears the heads off of gods and minions alike on a series of blood-soaked journeys to avenge his murdered family. Drawing on Greek mythology for enemies, allies and settings, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio created a fully realized world that has stirred imaginations for almost 10 years now. Apparently a new game is in development which should tantalize fans who have been thirsting for a continuation since the somewhat ambiguous finale.


This series has found a home on five different PlayStation platforms to become one of the most dependable releases for Sony. Moreover, for heavy-hitting science fiction combat in a grimly dystopian setting, you can’t do any better than Killzone. The iconic enemy also has one of the coolest names ever given an antagonist – the Helghast. If that doesn’t sound like a German metal band, we don’t know what does. The top-down Killzone Liberation on PSP was particularly underrated.

Crash Bandicoot

Released in 1996, Crash Bandicoot has cast a long shadow over platforming and racing games. Most ’90s kids will have fond memories of the colorful and zany Crash jumping around Wumpa Island or of rage-inducing races against friends in split screen. Any way you cut it though, the eponymous bandicoot’s shenanigans – which most often involve foiling Doctor Neo Cortex’s evil plans – have become a staple of childhood gaming. Like many others on this list, the series has branched out onto other platforms but its origin belongs in Sony’s hall of fame.


Sony hit pay dirt with Uncharted which is kind of ironic since the story follows perpetual rapscallion Nathan Drake as he hunts for treasure. The games feature spectacular visual set pieces that allow players to immerse themselves in adventures that are reminiscent of Indiana Jones at his most daring. A strong supporting cast ensures that each outing stays with you long after the credits have rolled.

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